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Rainbow Bridge

2010-08-12 15:21:32 by tyler2513

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: They miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

Rainbow Bridge


2010-05-26 19:42:07 by tyler2513

NHL Top Teams

1. Calgary Flames
2. Nashville Predators
3. San Jose Sharks
4. Vancouver Canucks
5. Detroit Red Wings
6. Anaheim Ducks
7. Chicago Blackhawks
8. Los Angelas Kings
9. St. Louis Blues

1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. New York Rangers
3. Montreal Canadians
4. Toronto Maple Leafs
5. New Jersey Devils
6. Buffalo Sabres
7. Ottawa Senators
8. Washington Capitals
9. Winnipeg Jets

NBA Top Teams
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Denver Nuggets
3. Oklahoma City Thunder
4. Los Angeles Clippers

1. New York Knicks
2. Toronto Raptors
3. Boston Celtics
4. Brooklyn Nets
5. Chicago Bulls

Top MLB Teams
American League
1. Toronto Blue Jays
2. New York Yankees
3. Tampa Bay Rays
4. Baltimore Orioles
5. Boston Red Sox
6. Texas Rangers
7. Cleveland Indians

8. Detroit Tigers
9. Oakland Athletics
10. Kansas City Royals
11. Seattle Mariners

National League
1. New York Mets
2. Cincinnati Reds
3. St. Louis Cardinals
4. San Francisco Giants
5. Arizona Diamondbacks
6. Atlanta Braves
7. Pittsburgh Pirates

Top NFL Teams
1. New England Patriots
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. Denver Broncos
4. Buffalo Bills

1. New York Giants
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. Green Bay Packers
4. Atlanta Falcons

Top MLS Teams
1. New York Red Bulls
2. D.C United
3. Montreal Impact
4. Toronto F.C

1. Los Angeles Galaxy
2. Vancouver Whitecaps FC

1. England
2. Italy
3. Mexico

1. Canada
2. Finland
3. United States
4. Slovakia
5. Russia
6. Sweden
7. Switzerland

8. Czech Republic
9. Norway
10. Latvia
11. Germany
12. Belarus

Top Soccer Players
Argentina-Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Rodriguez
Brazil-T. Silva, Neymar, Pato, Fabiano
Canada-Rosario, McKenna, Bernier
England-All Of Them
Germany-Klose, Podolski, Muller, Gomez
Italy-Buffon, Maggio, Pirlo, Balotelli, Di Natale, Cassano
Mexico-Hernandez, Dos Santos, Bravo
Netherlands-Persie, Huntelaar, Sneijder, Robben
Portugal-Ronaldo, Nani, Pepe, Postiga
Spain-Villa, Silva, Torres, Casillas
United States-Donavon, Dempsey


2010-01-03 14:15:09 by tyler2513

Oh Glorious Day
World Trade Center
Terrorist-World Trade Center
Contact Your Families
One Tower Fallen
Terrorist Chat
WTC, Pentagon
Wtf Terrorists
Oh Shit
11 Topics
Start of WW3
Other News
Britain: Next Target
Prediction of WW III
Not Here
Who Was Flying?
Maor Stuff
Bush is an Asshole
Terrorist Attacks
To All Affected
Petition To Ban User
Who Dun It
Great Depression?
Who Dun It? (WTC Question)
World Trade Center Movies
Weird Part of Today
U.S Attacks Afghanistan
Cousins Missing
Nostradomas's Prediction
Usama Bin Laden-Guilty
Name of This Day?
This was Predicted by Nostradomas
Kill: Osama bin Laden
Bloodthirsty Idiots
I Know We Are Sick of This
I Don't Want to Die
WTC Dedication Movie
Voting on WTC Movies
What Would You Do?
Palestinian Bastards
Tom Fulp was in on it
I Skull-Fucked Nostradamus
WTC Buildings: Final Thoughts
What About Saddam Hussein?
Bush Needed It
We Are All Gonna Die
Who Here Lives in NY?
This is Unbelievable
What NG could do for 9/11
New Information About Attack
The Aftermath
Look Everyone
Will Tom Clancy Be in Trouble?
80% of Americans Support War
Ignorance Personified
Feel Sorry for Muslims
What's Next for Terrorism?
Cousins Alive
What Good Shall War Do?
USA NG Fans in UK Need Help
Red Cross Donations
Read This Everyone
Someone Cheer Me Up
A Call for Genocide
They just Dropped the Ball
Arm Our Pilots Now!!
You Gotta Be Kidding Me
What a Canadian Thinks of the USA
DAILY NEWS: Attack on America
What Happened Yesterday
Where is Ravanos?
What About the Other Planes?
Pictures of 9/11/01
What About Belgrade?!
Stop the 9/11's
CIA Trained Osama bin Laden
To Shoot or Not to Shoot?
Tom Fulp and Other heads of NG
Spiderman Movie to be Re-shot
Ways YOU can help USA
Keep a Clear head about Arabs
Anyone See this Album Cover?
Another Observation About Society
It's Happening
An Appeal to Everyone
Insult from Something Awful
Nostradamus a Smart Man
Sept 14
C&C Red Alert 2 Pulled from Shelf
Alliyah Was Big News
Stupid Bomb=Bad Television
C'mon, This is Pathetic
Australia's Support
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Bin Laden: Modern Day Che Guevera?
Iraq Might Be Involved in Attack
Just Some Bullshit
Nostradamus Prophecy=B.S
Opinion: American Foreign Policy
God Bless America
Nostradamus is Full of Shit
Weird Dream About War Unfolding
I Know What to do with Bin Laden
Bin Laden Picture Parody Contest
Heres to You Afghanistan
Media Fabrication?
Name of Hijackers
If Another 9/11 Movie is Submitted
American Hypocrisy
Sept 15
What Really Pisses me Off
Osama Bin Laden Killing Game
Religious Rights Remarks
War and/or Peace?
Americans More Willing to Give Up
Outbust of Racist Against Arabs
Does Anybody else still Have the Shakes?
Come on, U.S!
Sept 16
God I Am Scared
CNN Using 1991 Footage
Bloody Muslims
3 Days Till War
Freedom of Expression
Sept 17
Blame it on Airport Security
My Poem on the WTC Stuff
Damn, People Don't Get It
Discussion of Current Events
Essay on Humanity
Post from a Young Muslim
Creepy Thing to Think About
View of a Young Pissed Off American
Sept 18
This is Your Life
If a War Breaks Out
World Trade Center
9/22/01=2nd Strike?
I Don't Like Some of America
Eeeee Wars
Sept 19
The Day I Cried
Osama Toilet Paper
View of an Arab American
Bags, Bombs, Bastards
Hackers Attack the Taliban
Interesting Fact
Justice and Usama bin Laden
You're All Suck
Missiles and Afghanistan
Vote New Name for Bin Laden
Something People Might Want to Know
Sept 20
Your Favourite Way to Kill Osama?
Osama Webcam
Lucky Jackie!
American-Israeli Support
Remainder of September
Threat-2 Months
We Created Bin Laden
Did Bin Laden Create Worm Virus?
A Brits Rant
Where in the World is Bin Laden?
B.B Hood Vs. Bin Laden
WTC Could Just be a Prelude
US Government at My Factory
Terrorist Inspiration
Tom Fulp Believes in Santa
US Cannot Defeat Taliban
Wade As Osama
War in the Middle East
WTC Tourist Picture
Media Feeding Terrorists Ego?
Paul McCartney Tribute
Support Bill Maher
My Only WTC Post
Osama Flash
Terrorist From Germany
Can You Do It?
Party! Party! Party!
Crusade on Terrorism
Look At These!
The Osama Hunter
WTC Worker Recounts Experience
After Effects
WTF Hollywood?
Idiots in Politics
Site Overload
NG in the News
NG in NY Daily News
Did You Know...
NG on TV Again
Anyone Else?
Bin Laden Halloween?
War has Started
Bombing has Begun
Hell Yes!
Vietnam 2?
Osama Bin Laden on CNN
KANIKAZEES 2001-Taliban
America Strikes Back
Bin Laden Screwed
World War 3
Retaliation Efforts
Yes, Bombing Begins
We Have Bombed Again
Another Step Toward Fascism?
A Song for WWIII
Remember September 10th?
Is a Pure Democracy Practical?
Newgrounds Mentioned in Fox News
Bush Topic
Remember September 11th?
Back From 'Nam
Another Bush Topic
Controversy, Et Cetera
Hatred for Terrorism
War is Not the Answer
When the Taliban is Out
Anti-U.S Rampage
Contrary to Popular Beliefs
Stop American Bashing
Osama Flashes on CNN
News Round-Up
Know What Sucks?
Why So Slow?
Anthrax Letters
Kill Taliban Children
NG Fans from Canada
Hollywood Wisens Up
Radio with Newgrounds
Apple Bar Brutality
Anti-Terrorist Legislation
Important Date
Osama Info
Osama and Omar Dead
Server Mode
Tom on the Radio
Seinfeld Episode Pulled
Tom on CBC
I'll Be on CNN
This Country
9/11 Tribute Survey
A Super Hero is Born
War Against Islam
Afghan Past
CNN Headline
Racist War?
Newgrounds War Propaganda
Bin Laden + Nuclear Weapons
Fight for America?
Plane Crash in NY!
Revenge Killing
Stop the war
Bush Doing his Job?
What Happened?
Pro or Anti American?
More Terrorist Attacks?
Cinema Updates
John Walker-Traitor
Osama Lives
Anthrax Flow
Osama Game Review
Osama Dead?
War Ain't Over
Bin Laden Spoof
Florida Crash
Osama Bin Laden
John Ashcroft
John Walker Info
War Keeps On
Next Great Depression
Wallstreet Journal Reporter
Church Vs. State
American Propaganda
Attack on Iraq
America: The Good Neighbour
War on Terror
Dirty Palestinians
Sharon and Arafat
New Nuclear Policy
U.S Army Can't Aim
Kaboom Hate mail
Message to Press
Letter From Congress
Solution to Arafat
Media Hype
Most of the World
NG on Fox
Twenty Dollars
India and Pakistan
FBI on Internet
America: The Greatest
Portal Update
Invade Iraq?
NG on Howard Stern
Howard Stern
Victims Sue Al Qaeda
There Ought to be Limits
Were you really Affected?
Screw Bush
On this Sombre Day
Since We Forgot
Stupidity of America
Everyone Knows
I Will Miss You
Voice Talent
World Peace
Shots in Our Capital
End of the World?
Sniper Attacks
North Korea
Sniper Game
American Politics
Sean Penn's Letter
UN Speech
America Debate
America and Fascism
True or False?
Bush the War Hawk
Bombing in Libya
Al Qaeda
Government Scares Us
If Bush Invaded
U.S and North Korea

America's Stance


War for Oil

The Draft

New Point

New WTC Design

Girl Protests War

What's Wrong with Bush?

What of North Korea?

Idiots in Iraq


Hypocrasy of the USA


Something Intelligent

What If

Terror Arrest

Australia in Iraq

Mohammed was Plotting

No Osama

Photoshop this SOB

Lets get this Straight

Ashcroft: A Severe Blow


Precursor to Global Warfare

Regime Change

Oil in Iraq

U.N's War Opponents

Bin Laden in Pakistan

Bush the Hypocrite

We Are Doomed

Tribute to Wade

Bush to Speak

He's Dying Out There

Religion and Politics

Recent Protestings

Ban Worthy?

Boycott France and Germany

Is War the Answer?

Osama and Saddam

Hurry Up

Who Wants War?
Ignorant People
Condy Rice
Actor for War
Iraq Deadline Votes
Anti-War People
Freedom Fries
Leave the UN
North Korea Talks
Either Way
Iraqi Resolve
Politics Lounge
Why go to War?
Who gets Nukes?
The Real War
South Korea Likes US
Only 1 Day
Just Watched the News
Why US is Frightening
Allies Withdraw Resolution
Surrender Monkeys
UN Vetoes
US Already Lost
Iraq War
Forget the French
48 Hours
War Talk
Why Bother?
Who Said That?
Nuke or Chemical?
US Since '36
France & Russia's Agenda
Should Saddam Leave?
First Gulf War
France is a Joke
Possible Side Effect
War Rhetoric
Question About Bush
Saddam Hussein WMD
Nuke Iraq
Vote on Political Leaders
The Dying Gasps
Need to Draft?
Baghdad Prepares for War
Michael Moore's Letter
Liberation of Iraq
War has Begun
Iraq War Over
Raid in Afghanistan
War Supplies
Canada in the War
Scared to be American
Wartime Racism
Bomb Iraq!
Coolest Weapons


10 Stars

2009-06-04 19:50:20 by tyler2513

Movies Feb/21/09
Paperboy (NES)
PONG Gets Personal
Super Smash Bros ST 5
Super Smash Bros ST 6
The Thwomps 2
The Real Legend
The Real Legend 2
Doom-Level 1
Megaman X Vs Allstars 2
Megaman X Vs Allstars 3
Super Mario Bros Z Ep 6
Goomba Vol. 1
Goomba Vol. 2
Mario Cut Scenes Vol 4
Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 9
Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 10
Bowser's Kingdom: The Movie
Smash Kingdom Lost Levels
Mario Ball Z Ep 2
Majin Vegetto: Episode 3
Majin Vegetto: Episode 4
Dragon Ball Infinite: Pre
Yoshi Vs Gohan
Total Drama Sprite 2
Mario Ball Z 3 Preview
Mario Ball Z 3 Full Ep
Age of Empires SNES
Pokemon Kanto Memories
Mario Kart
More Brawl Taunts
Cpt Falcon Checkup
SSBB Theme Decoded
Falcon Punch!
Smash Kingdom Melee
SSBM: The Knee
Nintendo Power
Smash Bros. Tournament
Super Smash Sisters
Mario Vs. Luigi
SSBM Collab
Smash Bros. X: Gaiden
Super Smash Bros. Murder
Smash Bros. Murder #3
Super Smash Bros Murder X
Smash Bros Murder DX
Cereal Killer-Ep 1
Super Smash Allstars
Super Smash All-Stars P2
Super Smash All-Stars R2
Fishy Fish
Super Smash All-Stars R5
Super Smash All-Stars S.R
Super Smash All-Stars HoH
Super Smash All-Stars R4
SSBM: Temple Crossers
SSB Adventures Ep1
Total Drama Sprite 3
SSB Adventures Ep2
Scorpion in SSB Brawl
SSBM: C. Falcon's Chaos
RupeeClock and Friends
Super Ash. Bros Melee
Falcon Punch X10
Wii Love Brawl Comedy
Super Mario Deathmatch
A Super Mario World
Salad Fingers
Salad Fingers Episode 2
Sudden Remakes 1
Girlchan in Paradise Ep1
Super Mario Brothers Ep2
Zelda: UO Ep:7
Renegate Awesome Ep1
Vegeta Vs Mario
Motorcycle Stunt
Motoracers 1
Motoracers 2
Press Start: Food Fight
Superhero Slayers 3
Undead Steel 2
Mario Vs Goku The Clash
A Pokemon Battle Flash
Splash Attack
The Thwomps
A Super Mario World Ep2
A Super Mario World Ep3
Resident Koopa
The Desert Faux
Grassland Blitzkrieg
Sea Side Slaughter
Unclassified Specimen
Open Here
Gameboy DBZ SpriteFight 2
Metal Gear Awesome
There She Is!! Step 4
Metal Gear Awesome 2
From Player To Playa
Walk In The Woods
The White War
Madness Inundation
With My Mind's Madness
Mastermind 3
Nubs and Sneakers Preview
ROMS: Shario Goes To Hell
Teh Pivot's Explosive Tut.
Bake A Delicious Cake
In My Arms Collab
Super Mario Killing Spree
Mario Television
SMB3 Outtakes
The Bard's Song
Higurashi Akatsuki
Zelda: The Capture Ep 1
Neighborhood V2
Animator Vs Animation II
There She Is!! Step 3
NBGT Episode 1 Preview
Nintegaball GT Trailer
Charlie The Unicorn
MK Vs SF 3
Resident Koopa Outbreak
Tien Vs Yamcha
Vegeta Vs Sonic
Cell V.S Brolly
SMW: Parodies
A SMB3 Tale II
A SMB3 Tale I
Mario World: Overrun
Mario's Last Battle
A Super Mario Story I
S.M.B Bloopers
Mario's Rage (GHAD)
Bioshlock 2
Bioshock 2: Online
Megaman Zero Unleashed
Link Vs Ganondorf
Cucharin 2
Pico Plays Double Dragon
Project Game Over Ep 2A
Mario's Special Transform
The Starcraft Reporter
Owls-May 10, 2009
The Return Of GanonDorf
2nd Annual Tank Awards
Chuck's new Tux
Everything By Everyone
Prowlies At The River
Weebl and Bob Parody: Flu
Xin Session 18 (finale)
The Last Of The Daskin
Little Foot
Bitey Of Brackenwood
Xiao Xiao CityPlaza
Weebl & Bob Perhiperals

Mr. Roboto
Megaman X Virus Mission
CastleVania Extreme
Castlevania SOH
Magus RPG
Kronik Vs Final Fantasy
Quiz Time with Crono
Kronik Vs Crono
Chrono Trigger FF Demo
ChronoTrigger Pump'n'Gold
Super Smash Flash
Griswold the Goblin 2 CH1
Jurassic Realm
Damnation-Doom Game
Badger Doom 1.6A
Damnation: Super Shootout 2
Hampster Invasion Demo
Zombie Blaster
Doom Triple Pack
Doom Scene Creator
Sonic Flash Engine
Ultimate Flash Sonic
Kirby's Dreamland Demo
Arachnid Wars
VDay Blast
Colour My Heart
Shopping Cart Hero
Castle Crashing the Beard
A Koopa's Revenge
Duckhunt 1945
Plasma Raver
Lana Goes to Paris
Super Mario Kart XTREME
Xtacles, Boosh Chronicles
Super Smash Bros X
The Fight for Glorton
How to Draw Bart
Old Mario Bros
Flash Tutorial
Portal: The Flash Version
The Last Stand 2
Super Mario Sunshine 64
Newgrounds Rumble
Toss The Turtle
M-Bot: The Game
Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Great Grandmother
Ben Spurgin
Great Aunt Jean
Grandpa B.
Uncle Bill
Edd Gould
Randy Solem
Luccas Bode

Bo Peep-Sold
Bo Peep's Sheep-Sold
Barbie-Lives With Ken
Sarge-Left to Sunnyside
Bucket O'Soldiers-Sold
Mr. Spell-Sold
Rocky Gibraltar-Sold
Snake and Robot-Sold
Mr. Shark-Sold
Roly Poly Clown-Sold
Barrel Of Monkeys-Sold
Dolly, Ducky and Teddy-Sold
Hockey Puck-Sold
Magic 8 Ball-Sold
Toddle Tots-Sold
Buzz Lightyear-Remain
Mr. Patatohead-Remain
Mrs. Patato head-Remain
Slinky Dog-Remain

Sid's House
Combat Carl-Killed
Hannah's Dolls-Remain
Baby Face-Remain
Hand In The Box-Remain
Roller Bob-Remain
The Frog-Remain
Jingle Joe-Remain
Walking Car-Remain
Janie and Ptereodactyl-Remain
Burned Rag Doll-Remain
Jingle Joe-Remain
Marie Antoinette-Remain
Red Pickup Truck-Remain

Al's Barnhouse
Stinky Pete-With Amy
Utility Belt Buzz-With Zerg
Emperor Zurg-At SunnySide
Tour Guide Barbie-Al's Barn House
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots-Al's Barn House

Sunny Side
Lots'O Huggin Bear-Front of Garbadge Truck
Ken-With Barbie At sunny Side
Big Baby-Sunny Side
Twitch-Sunny Side
Stretch-Sunny Side
Chunk-Sunny Side
Sparks-Sunny Side
Chatter Telephone-Sunny Side
Book Worm-Sunny Side
Jack In The Box-Sunny Side
Monkey-Sunny Side
Lego Minifigures-Remain

Bonnie's Toys
Chuckles-Bonnie's House
Mr. PricklePants-Bonnie's House
Trixie-Bonnie's House
Butter Cup-Bonnie's House
Dolly-Bonnie's House
Peas-In-a-pod-Bonnie's House
Totoro-Bonnie's House

Buster-Andy's House
Andy Davis-College
Molly Davis-Andy's House
Ms. Davis-Andy's House
Hannah Philips-Sid's House
Sid Philips-Sid's House
Mr. Philips-Sid's House
Mrs. Philips-Sid's House
Scud-Sid's House
Whiskers-Andy's House
Amy's Barbie Doll-Remain
Al McWhiggin-Remain
Bonnie's Mom-Remain

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